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We have a better option for you – GO PAPERLESS!


We have a better option for you – GO PAPERLESS!


We are excited you have chosen Bank of China U.S.A. for your banking needs!


We hope you could take full advantage of our convenient e-Statement option, which allow you to access and manage your statements anytime in a more secure way.


Our e-Statement service is free and provided to you via online banking with security, simplicity and many great benefits, including:


  1. Easily access your e-Statements whenever you need.  No more wait in the mail
  2. Reduce the risk of identity theft by avoiding lost or stolen mail
  3. No need to keep tons of paper statements for different accounts. You can access all of them via internet banking for up to 9 years
  4. You can have quicker access to your statements, we will send notification to you when statements are ready if you sign up for e-statement alert
  5. Go green and be friendly to our environment!


Why not take advantage of our FREE eStatement option? You can easily sign up online today and always have the option of switching back to paper statements if you choose. Please follow these simple steps:


1. Sign in to

2. Go to Paperless Settings.

3. Select the accounts that you’d like to switch and click Manage Paperless Settings 

4. Choose Paperless, read the E-Sign Disclosure and Consent Agreement, check I Consent box and click Save.



If you have any questions, or need additional information about any of our other banking products and services, feel free to call us at (212) 935-3101, or stop by the branch at your convenience and we will be happy to assist you.


We believe that you will enjoy the convenience and efficiency of eStatement and we look forward to serving you!