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New York Global Finance Academy Launched First Session of “2020 US AML & Sanction Compliance Series Training"


On August 27, the New York Global Finance Academy successfully launched its “2020 US Anti-Money Laundering & Sanction Compliance Series Training” co-hosted by BOC University Risk Governance & AML Academy. BOC U.S.A. CEO and President Xu Chen delivered the opening remarks welcoming the participants and BOC U.S.A. Executive Vice President Xiaojun Huang moderated the first session.


The first training session on “US AML and Sanction Compliance Risk Assessment” was presented by Yunning Xu, Senior Vice President, and Ruoqiao Geng, Vice President of BOC U.S.A. New York Branch’s Legal Compliance Department. The session provided an introduction to U.S. regulatory requirements on AML and sanction risk assessment, with a case study and FFIEC update interpretation as well as related experience and practice from BOC U.S.A.


More than 7,300 groupwide attendees joined the live session through the BOCU Cloud Platform.


In the coming months, the series training will continue to offer sessions on other topics, including compliance-related data governance and data analysis, AML internal audit, OFAC compliance, and bank cybersecurity and governance.