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Commodities Business Center

BOC U.S.A.'s Commodity Business Center (CBC) bridges the world’s commodity markets, leveraging the bank’s extensive network to provide companies with access to liquidity in order to meet their global business objectives.


Established in 2016, the CBC New York hub houses an experienced and dedicated relationship management team focused on the Agriculture, Energy, and Metals sectors, and covers the full value chain throughout the Americas. With sophisticated sectoral knowledge of trade/investment policies in China, and a leading global network, CBC New York has rapidly forged strong dynamic relationships with top stakeholders across virtually every industry – particularly with those seeking an experienced partner to expand into the Chinese market. 

Through our four CBCs in New York, London, Shanghai and Singapore, Bank of China is able to offer true global coverage with region-specific expertise.


Key Products

CBC New York is dedicated to providing enhanced and tailored working capital, liquidity management and risk mitigation solutions, creating bespoke solutions for clients. We offer a comprehensive suite of structured lending and trade finance solutions, tailored to commodity-focused companies.


Ability to arrange and participate in various structures including revolving credit facilities, term loans, and revolving letter of credit facilities.

Providing services such as documentary collections, letters of credit, supply chain finance and forfaiting.

BOC U.S.A. has been active in facilitating stable long-term supply chain relations by optimizing clients’ liquidity needs and risk concerns in the production, sale and export of commodities. We provide secured lending against pre-export commodity and export receivables, tailored to credit needs of exporters, and providing liquidity management and risk mitigation for the production, purchase, and sale of materials.

We help corporate clients satisfy their short-term liquidity needs by lending against commodities stored in a warehouse, providing enhanced liquidity and cost advantages through volume discounts and logistical economies of scale.

Lending against a pool of assets that include commodities, trade receivables, and aircraft.

Capitalize on arbitrage opportunities from interest rate and FX differentials, with a particular focus and competitive advantage involving RMB-related transactions.

Business Coverage Industries

CBC New York hub houses an experienced and dedicated Relationship Management team focused on the following sectors:

Business Coverage Industries

CBC New York hub houses an experienced and dedicated Relationship Management team focused on the following sectors:

Business Coverage Industries

CBC New York hub houses an experienced and dedicated Relationship Management team focused on the following sectors:


CBC is positioned to take advantage of BOC’s global industry expertise to provide a wide range of financing products to the agribusiness sector. Focusing on the distribution segment, we connect the vast agricultural producing regions in the U.S. with the largest consuming markets in Asia.

Metals & Minerals

Through BOC’s extensive relationships with large industrial companies across the Americas, CBC is able to provide clients with a variety of financing products that support a consistent flow of important raw materials and supplies for processing and consumption in the rapidly growing Asian market.

Energy & Natural Resources

Leveraging BOC’s industry experience and market knowledge of the Americas, CBC is able to quickly understand the financing challenges faced by companies in the energy sector and propose practical solutions to support their working capital needs. We focus on companies that are positioned to take advantage of the natural opportunities that exist between the U.S. and Asia, while minimizing the risk presented by volatile energy prices.


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