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Bank of China SME Merchant Invoice Financing

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At Bank of China U.S.A., we are committed to advancing existing solutions to address client needs and navigate the increasingly complex global markets. Our “SME Merchant Invoice Financing” service moves towards this goal, serving as a solution for businesses looking for additional funding outside of traditional lenders and channels.


Whether businesses are looking to manage seasonal cash fluctuations, fill large orders from new clients, hire additional employees, or improve cash flow cycle, SME Merchant Invoice Financing offers small and mid-sized businesses quick access to critical working capital at competitive rates, while empowering them with access to global supply chain resources.


Why work with us?

  • Instant payment on outstanding invoices
    • Our invoice financing platform allows businesses to access up to 80% of the funds from their invoices immediately following merchandise deliveries 
  • Fast processing via our online platform
  • Our detailed web-based platform allows clients to keep track of outstanding transactions in real-time  
  • Low and affordable interest rates
  • No transaction costs or hidden fees
  • No personal guaranty and additional collateral for qualified cases.


Contact us:

If you are interested in our platform, please reach out to [email protected] or call us at 212-935-3101 (ext. 2003) or 212-925-2355 (ext. 8862) for further information.